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FTP CAT5E 25pairs cable
    • FTP CAT5E 25pairs cable
Product Details

FTP CAT5E 25pairs cable

1.conductor size can be produced as per buyer's request.

0.40mm, 0.50, 0.60,0.64, 0.70,0.74, 0.90,1.02mm.
2.Insulation: HDPE, it can be twisted pairs or no twisted pairs.
3.Jacket: PVC. PVC jacket color can be white, red, black beige, brown.

any color is ok to production.
or UV resistance PVC, or fire retardant PVC
4. With steel messenger or without steel messenger

5. Pairs color can be produced as per customer's request.

6. Implementation standard:ANSI/ICEA S-98-688-2006 , ANSI/ICEA S-99-689-1997.
7. We can produce these cables as per buyer's request.

Packing: 305m/wooden spool ; other length available according to clients' requests
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